18 most profitable small businesses in Nigeria and How to Start it

Most Profitable Small Businesses

Here Are Some Lists of the Most Profitable Small Businesses in Nigeria and How to Start it

Poverty has Become One of the incurable Disease in our Country Nigeria. Not That Our Government Can Cure it but their busy fighting for political-sit. Their will only promise to eradicate  poverty during Election time (it sound  funny but it’s truth  ).

Most Profitable Small Businesses

The most painful thing is Seeing Our Graduate’s With Good Result Doing Security Job Where their Earn #20k Monthly. When their are A Lost of Profitable Small Businesses their Can Start and Make huge Money Monthly.  Simplest way to get bank loans and start your business .In Today’s World Creativity is the most important Skill. 6 STEPS OF RESEARCHING AND DOCUMENTING YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS

With the Rate of Unemployment in the Country you don’t need to be waiting for  white-collar Job’s Rather than  Starting your own business. We have Take our time to write Down  the Most profitable Small businesses You Can Choose one you’re Passionate With and Start. Source Of Business Ideas You Need To Know As An Entrepreneur

 Here are those Most Profitable small Businesses.


Most parents in the cities would want to place to keep their babies/children in order to go to work or attend functions. You  can provide such service by establishing a Day Care Home.

The home should have facilities that will provide children relaxation and safety. Also, it should be very clean and furnished with educative toys. lf properly managed, a Day Care Centre can transform into a Nursery School.


Thanks for the internet, a whole new world has open up for design Professional. Not only is there a huge new industry in the field of web design and development, creative people such as designers and illustrators can now reach a massive market on global scale. Wherever you are, all you need is an Internet connection to run a successful and lucrative Design Business. How to make money online

In fact, there has never been a better time to earn an living as a Freelance Designer then now. Your job description will be as follows:

We design and develop projects

Graphic design using Photoshop, Freehand and other design

Traditional graphic design work

Flash and Shockwave development Magazine and Newsletter design

Art direction for TV, print and radio adverts

Artwork for direct mail companies I Creative development of online media campaigns

We advice that any Artist that wants to become a Freelance Designer should undergo a training in Desktop Publishing, Web Design and Java. With such skills, you will make it and even become an employer of labour.


Do you have a flair with furniture and colour combination? You can make money by putting your design and talents into works.

From private to commercial and government buildings interior decorators and designers are needed to dress up the inside space.

They work with all kinds of furnishing, fabrics and building materials, some even use computer aided design software to design settings that gives a new life to existing residence, work place and public settings.

An interior decorators may not have formal credentials but to call“ yourself an interior designer, you need to have a sense of colour balance or proportion, an ability to communicate through graphic presentations and attitude towards change so that you can keep up with design trend and still be responsive to your clients desires.

This is a very lucrative business, the quality of your creativity and service will determine how far you would go.


all you need is a good managerial skill to run this business  Competent hands that can do the washing and ironing. You can start doing by doing the washing at clients premises before getting an office for the business. Effective advert and quality services can go a Long way in putting a smile on your face. Most professionals and business people are looking for who will render this service to them. You can fill this gap  and make good money.


This is another way of making big money that can be use to set up a business. The marketing strategy here IS called NETWORKING. All you have to do is to display a fantastic marketing skill in the sales of a certain product and get commission or connect other people to the Sales network and get the reward for it. The more people you get the higher your position into the sales train.


You cant start up a mobile book store where you can sell motivational books, novels, magazines etc. this business is risks-free and less capita| intensive, you can go into an agreement on “Sales and Return” with your supplier. All you need to do is make a complimentary cards, a price list of the books you intend to sell, a bag to carry some samples and you are in the business. Your targets are professionals and business people who don’t have time to visit your bookstores, make big money for yourself.

Are you looking for Business to Start, We Recommend You 20  Most Profitable Businesses You Can Start With Less Capital and Make Millions Within A Months of Starting it.


If you are talented in the area of hair. weaving, you can make some money from it. All you would required is to set up a particular place, it doesn’t have to be a shop, you can use your basement, under tree etc, to start. You will need one or two comfortable chairs for your customer and a standing mirror for them to see there haring during and after Planting. You can also carry out this service at your customer’s home.


The need to have a car look clean and shining is very important. One can sometimes be addressed according to the look of ones car. Car washing/waxing is a business you can state with N200 and on a good day you can make as much as N5000. Apart from having a location
where you do the washing, you can also wash at clients place. You can contact companies and do the washing at their premises. This is a good way of raising money for a small business.


This is a new business that is fast growing. It is a place where people can relax and watch football and other sports on television. With less than N100,000 you can start this business. What you need to carry out this business are television set, a cable or DSTV Dish to get foreign matches and chairs for viewers. You will be amazed at the rate which people will be trooping to your centre to watch matches for as much as N200 per match. The locations of the center matters and you will need a stand by generator. The viewing price of using generator is more than that of Electric Light, so any way you will still make money. You can even introduce the sales of soft drink and snacks to complement the action
going on. Think about it.


This type of business entails going to customers with different wares like shirts, blouses, shoes, suites, ties, bags, jewelries, perfumes etc.
Mobile boutique is a lucrative business, you can start this business with ass than N100,000 and if properly managed can become a huge success. You can source for your product locally, or even travel out to buy them. Many people travel to Dubai and still operate mobile boutique. The secret of this business is an effective marketing network and sales of quality products. There are many people who do not have
the time to go to shops, but will appreciate if quality products are brought to them. You can actually fill this gap.


There a lots of barbing salon in our cities, but one everyone like visiting
them. Some because they don’t have time to do so, while others would
prefer the barbers to come to their houses or office to have their hair cut. The only qualification of this business is SKILL. A mobile barber don’t need the regular facilities of a static salon. The clients will provide the Clipper, mirror, shampoo, dye, chair, electricity etc. they only cost you Will incure is that of advert and transportation. Charges are proportional to the distance of client’s house. If you are very skillful a client can give you referrals. This is a business you can start with nothing and yet make so much.


Is there anything that renews your passion? The thing that you like doing? Something that makes you think all is right with the world? Would it not be great to find a way of making money by doing what you love? Turning your treasure hobby into a business will take hard work and creativity, but the rewards are endless.

The benefits of starting a business based on your hobby are many, one good this about it is that you already have a knowledge about it. You may know everything about your hobby, but you only know it from a hobby’s point of view.

Think like a business owner by conducting research, market analysis and competitive analysis to see if some existing businesses are similar to your idea.

Find out if selling your hobby can sustain your and how you can maximize your potentials.

There are some things you love doing that can give you good returns in the entertainment, sports, agriculture, technology, information
industries. Think of how to make money from them.


Before going into this business, you need to carry out research on concept that will be of great interest to your targeted readership.

You also need to take into consideration your mode of distribution, sales, editorial, content and layout. Since your advertising rate will be based on the circulation of your paper and the quality of its readership. Not only is it important to have a large number of readers but they must also be individuals who can use your advert services. This can be achieve by making sure that the paper reaches the place where your audience are.

As a publisher of your own newspaper/magazine your principal aim should be to make money through adverts. At the initials stage you will need to prototype or the first issue of your publication to be use as a sales tool. You may even have to offer free adverts to companies at this stage. Although this might be capital intensive, but the success is far greater.

To make your publication one which readers will reach for time and
again, its content must be useful and interesting. Get professionals to
handle the design and layout for you. The better it looks, the more
readers and advert placement it will attract. You need to think about this.


If you have been complimented on your parties, you might be good a
planning parties and event. Your ability can become a very lucrative
business for you. Generally speaking, special events occur for the
following reasons:

1.Celebration (Weddings, Birthdays, Naming Ceremonies,Chieftaincy title, launching etc)

2.Education (Conferences, Graduations, Freedom, Awards

3.Promotions (Products Launches, Fashion Shows,Political Rallies etc)
4.Commemoration (Memorials, Wake Keeping etc).

This list is not an exhaustive one individual e.g. professional, Business
people, government workers etc, often find they lack the expertise and
time plan event themselves. Therefore an Event Planner is needed to render these services. The Event Planner is to carry out the following:

•Arranging for food, decoration and entertainment

•Planning transportation to and from the event

•Sending invitations

•Finding a venue

•Arranging an necessary accommodation for visitors

•Coordinating the activities of the event.

•Supervising the shearing of foods, drinks etc.

•Carrying out the costing for the event

•Cleaning up of venue and return of all event rentals

•Sometimes choosing cloths for the occasion

There is no doubt that this is a big business. All you have to do to be in
this business is to make complimentary cards, flyers, banner and extensive advert. You also need to attend event and study how they are planned. Use every medium that is possible for you to let people know
that you are into event planning business and you will be happy you went into such venture.


Computer has become part of everyday’s life not only in the work place, but homes as well. You can set up a private computer class business by teaching clients at their homes or office. There are many professionals Student, graduates etc that have computer at home but do not know how to operate them.

By carrying out effective advert, people will know you, and enquire of
Your service. This business is lucrative and can serve as a means of Rising money for a small business.


This simple to start business can turnout to be a very successful venture if properly handle and coordinated. You can start this business at home or in a school after closing hours. The criteria is that you must be very good in the subject you want to handle and you can equally get competent teachers to assist you in other subjects.

Most tutorial schools coach students seating: GCE, JAMB,
CAMBRIGDE, SAT, TOEFL, SSCE, etc you can actually start this business in a small way, but can grow it from just a tutorial centre to a registration outlet for various exams. This is indeed very lucrative, Most schools owners started this way, you can start yours today and grow big


For one that have skill in playing musical instrument this can serve as a good business. You can start by putting in churches, clubs, ceremonies etc. the entertainment industry in Nigeria is growing rapidly and you can actually fit in by doing something different using your skills


If you enjoy using a photographic or video camera there is money to be made with it. You can start by capturing Events, Scene or Live activities that can be used for illustration on Post-cards, Albums. Magazines, Newspaper or even picture frames. Such picture can be posted to organizations like UNICEF, USAID, UNESCO etc, through the Internet at a very good price.

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