Need for Guidance and counselling in Schools and College

guidance and counseling

The Need for Guidance and counselling in Schools and College.

What is guidance and counselling?

guidance and counselling Is  an interaction between a person who has a problem client and a guidance practitioner or counselor. The aim is to help the individual analyze himself/herself, identify the causes of the problem and eventually attain a solution.

 Guidance and counselling
The Need for Guidance and counselling in Schools and College
Goals of Guidance & Counseling

The goal of Guidance and Counseling within the educational setting is to facilitate positive academic achievement and performance of students through adequate counseling provision in the areas of subject choice, study habits, school adjustment, relationships with teachers and peers as well as dealing with other school problems that may jeopardize positive academic achievement of students.


1.Getting sick too often
2.Getting tired very easily
3.Frequent loss of appetite
4.Gradually getting thinner
5.Not as strong and healthy as should be
6.Too short for one’s age
7.Too tall for one’s age
8.Not very physically attractive
9.Having less money than friends
10.Having no regular pocket money
11.Having few nice clothes
12.Family worries about money
13.Wanting to earn some money for self
14.Parents working too hard
15.Ashamed of one.s residential home
16.Borrowing of money
17.Not having many friends
18. Nothing interesting to do in one’s spare time

19.Belonged to few students clubs and societies

20.Having too little social life

21.Wanting to improve physical appearance
22.Too careless with clothes and belongings
23.Afraid of close contact with the
opposite sex
24. Disappointed in love affair
25.No girl friend
26.No boy friend
27.Being in love
28.Loving someone who doesn’t love me
29.Afraid of losing the one I love
30.Breaking up a love affair.

Main Areas of Guidance and Counseling Services

There are three major aspects of Guidance Counseling services;

1.Educational Guidance
2.Vocational Guidance
3.Psycho-Social and Personal Guidance.

Educational Guidance

It is a help given to learners to enable them identify, clarify and resolve their educational
challenges, their academic work.
so well as perform maximally in their academic work.

Vocational Guidance

It is an advice given to learners to enable them obtain suitable career in life. This career guidance must start at an early age, involving identifying further educational opportunities as well as preparing children for the world of work. The information given to children in vocational guidance is geared towards broadening their horizons in order to help them know their potentials and abilities which will enable them make suitable career choices.

Personal/Social Guidance

It is an advice given to learners to enable them cope with their personal/social concerns. Other counseling services provided to assist the individuals to cope with their socio-personal, educational and vocational problems includes;
i.Counseling Services
ii.Appraisal Services
iii.Placement Services
iv.Referral Services
v.Consultation Services
vi.Follow-up services.


It would be recalled that the primary
objectives of education being championed by both the public and private schools is centered on fostering academic excellence and good character formation in a child. It follows therefore that for the above objectives to he achieved, proper counseling should be given to the child to help him understand himself have knowledge of the environment, develop himself, and make decisions based on self – understanding and knowledge of the environment. UNESCO (2002) observes that guidance in formal schooling context should promote technical and vocational education as a viable and attractive choice of young people.

The various that guidance and
areas counselling play important roles in the life of a school child include:

1.Adjustment Problem

Counseling helps students to adjust
properly to a new school environment.
A new student in the school may faced with many problems that he may find difficult to properly adjust. If help is not rendered on time, he may be into perform poorly academically.

2.Access to Information

Counseling helps to provide correct and accurate information to the student. A child who is not properly informed is deformed. Majority of students lack access to appropriate and adequate information, care
manage their health and development issues. When correct information is not given to them at the right time, they might be tempted to seek for help from their friends and peers and this will not be in the best interest of the young and mind.


Counseling helps students to develop self-understanding, educational and occupational plans. It helps students discover their talents.


Counseling helps students to carry out their plans and decision making. It helps students to acquire relevant and useful information for making realistic and informed decision regarding the subject that will suit their ability, aptitude and interest.


Counseling helps students to determine how their plans worked out and how effective the educational programmeserved them.

6.It helps individual students to promote good interpersonal relationship with other students.

7.Counseling services help students to solve their identity problems, and
develop self-acceptance with other
students and teachers.

8.Guidance and counseling in school
helps the students to overcome their
emotional pains.

8.It helps students to get used to the
school system in terms of rules and

10. Guidance and counseling services help to curb examination malpractice among students and help to develop effective study habit.

11.It assists students and their parents/guardians in making a positive choice concerning educational streams, and encourage learners to be open to a wide
range of options as to increase their
learning and occupational flexibility.

12. It helps Students to make supplementary visits to workplaces, and on the job experience.

In summary, guidance and counseling enables the school to function optimally. No matter how effective teachers may be in the school and no matter how efficient the head of such school may be, if the personal, social, academic and emotional problems of the
students are not resolved the objectives of the school may hardly be met.

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