Business Registration: Procedure and Requirements for Registration of a Business Name

business registration

Business Registration: Procedure and Requirements for Registration of a Business Name in Nigeria

Sole proprietorships and partnerships (or firms) register their business names. The procedure and requirements for registration of a Business Name (for use by suchbusinesses) include the following, among others:

1• Completion of Application Form to be signed by the appropriate persons.

2• Submission of the completed Application form. alongside the following, to CAC:
•availability and name reservation;
•registration forms;
•the proposed name;

3• the general nature of the business or proposed activities;
•the full address of the principal place of business and every other subsidiary place of business.

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4• the present forenames, surnames, nationality , age, sex, occupation and usual residential address of each of the individuals intending to partners (if the registration is for a partnership or firm);

5• where one of the partners is a non-Nigerian and intends to work in Nigeria, evidence of his/her immigration status must be supplied;

6• where a corporation is an intending partner, corporate name and registered office must supplied.


7• The proposed date of commencement of business or activities.

8• passport size photographs or the owners,
Certificates of professional qualification (when the business is of a professional nature.)

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9• Additional information and Supporting documents may be required in the following cases:

•A firm or an individual carrying on business on behalf of another individual;

•firm or corporation whether as a nominee or trustee,

• firm or individual carrying on business as general agent for another concern or overseas entity and not having a place of business in Nigeria.

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Business Registration

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