5 Benefit of Registering Your Business With CAC!


Benefit of Registering Your Business with corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria (CAC).

Business names and companies are registered out of a sense of legal obligation. A registered business name or company provides a mechanism to ensure consumers and traders are able to identify the entity behind a trading name or firm.

Sole proprietorships and partnerships (or firms) register their business names

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1•It promotes accountability.

2•It makes the business name or company function as a trademark; in other words it serves as more than just a business or company name and informs consumers of the origin or source of a product or service.

3•A registered business name or a company name confers a proprietary right upon the owner.

4•It removes the possibility of another company business name being registered thus potential conflict with an existing trademark is removed.

5•It gives an exclusive right to, and confers immunity from a lawsuit against, a trademark holder.

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