10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sadio Mane

Sadio mane

You May Only Known sadio mane as Senegalese Player Who played for Liverpool but I bet You, You didn’t not know – This Ten Thing’s About Him.

Here’s are Ten Things you didn’t know about this amazing Liverpool forward- oh! My Goal

1. Sadio Mane Lost his Father When He Was 7 years old

Sadio mane
Mane speak on his Father deaths

Sadio Mané Speak on the death of his father  “I was 7 years old. I was playing football in my village grounds. My brother came over and said, “Our father is dead.” I didn’t believe it. He had a stomach ache, and since there was no hospital, he was taken to the healer in another village. Things got complicated, he died there. ”This is one of the reasons why he decided to finance the construction of a hospital in his village. What a guy!

2. His parents forbade him from playing football

Sadio mane grew up in Senegal where he dreamt of becoming a footballer. But there was only one challenge – his parents forbid him from playing. No one from his village has ever played professional football before so his parents felt he was just wasting his time. Instead, they wanted him to be a teacher. Can you just imagine the name, Professor Sadio Mane?

Speaking with Bleacher report in 2018, Sadio said “they thought football was a waste of time and I’d never succeed at it. I always said: this is the only job that will enable me to help you. And I think I have a chance to become a footballer.”

Mane ended up going to Dakar without anyone knowing. he went for a trail and only told his best friend. When his parents eventually found out, they made him come home, but by then, he already had a spot on the famous Generation Foot Academy and the rest is history!

3. He scored the fastest hattrick in the premier league

Fastest hat-trick in EPL history

Mane holds the record for the fastest hat-trick in English premier league history. It took him 2 minutes, 53 seconds – that’s less than one minute our goal. he scores the hattrick in Southampton against Aston villa in 2015.

4. He has just two heroes in football

El Hadji Diouf and Ronaldinho

Mane said he watched one of his two heroes in 2002 when he watched his nation, Senegal, reach their first world cup. His hero, El Hadji Diouf signed for Liverpool after that tournament. Years later, Mane became the third Senegalese to play for Liverpool FC.

Mane’s second hero is Ronaldinho. When Mane was growing up, people in his village call him Ronaldinho because of his incredible playing style.

5. His morning routine

Mane starts his morning the same way every day. He is religious and he incorporates that into his day to day lifestyle. According to him, when he wakes up, he takes a shower and then observes his morning prayer (Salatu-ul Fajr) and he does that every day. After that, he heads to training.

6. His favourite club

Olympique de Marseille

When Sadio Mane was young, his favourite club was Olympique de Marseille. Just like he said, most times, he is always watching french league because of Marseille. Meanwhile, Liverpool is becoming everyone’s favourite in Senegal – thanks to Mane.

7. He followed Game of Thrones but has never played PlayStation

Game of Thrones

In his free time, Sadio likes to relax and rest so he can be fully fit. So he passes the time watching movies. His favourite? Game of Thrones! He also likes board games, but not video games.

8. He is a bad cook

Although Sadio loves to eat healthily, he relies on his chef for food. He likes eating fruits, maybe because the only meal he can make on his own is porridge.

9. He is very charitable


Mane is not a fan of fancy cars or luxurious items. He Said “Why would I want ten Ferraris, 20 diamond/watches, or two planes? What will these objects do for me and for the world? I was hungry, and I had to work in the field; I survived hard times, played football barefooted, I did not have an education and many other things, but today with what I earn thanks to football, I can help my people,” Mané explained. “I built schools, a stadium, we provide clothes, shoes, food for people who are in extreme poverty. In addition, I give 70 euros per month to all people in a very poor region of Senegal which contributes to their family economy. I do not need to display luxury cars, luxury homes, trips and even planes. I prefer that my people receive a little of what life has given me”.  He also donates about $260,000 to build a school in Senegal.

10.He’s Very humble

he is much more humble than any other average superstar. Sometimes last year, he was caught on video helping Senegal coaching staff unload items from the team bus. And also few hours after helping the Anfield side to their victory against Leicester in the 2018/2019 season, the Senegalese star joined Muslim faithfuls to clean the toilet of the mosque he prays.

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