12 Richest English footballers – [No.2 Will Shock You]

Richest English footballers

The List Of English Richest Footballers – It should be noted that this article is aimed at listing the richest England born footballer’s.


Footballers make A LOT of money but which English footballers have made the most? Here are the 12 richest footballers from England including David Beckham, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

Apart From Football. Their Some Business (Endorsement) That Pay Them Which  You’re Going To Know At the end of This Post.

You Make Think That’s only Football that Pay Does Famous Footballers But Their Some Companies That pay millions for product endorsement. Unlike Cristiano Ronaldo make money on Instagram More than Juventus. But let focus on the topic of today.

Here’s Are The Richest England Born Footballer

12.Harry Kane_40 million Dollar’s

FB:Harry kane

The England Forward ” Harry Kane” makes over $13 million a year playing for Tottenham, He also has endorsements with Nike & Beats by Dre.

11.Raheam Sterling_45 Million Dollar’s

FB: Raheam Sterling

The Manchester City Player “Sterling* makes $18 million from his salary,  He bought his mom a house but also owns other property & cars.

10.Frank Lampard_45 Million Dollar’s

FB: Frank Lampard

A long playing career in the Premier League and MLS got him much money. Now the manager at Chelsea, Lampard also owns property.

9.John Terry_50 Million Dollar’s

FB: John Terry

The Former England Defender “John Terry” made the most of his money from playing with Chelsea. Now, he’s on the coaching staff at Aston Villa.

8.Alan Shearer_52.5 millon Dollar’s

FB: Alan Shearer

The former Newcastle striker and manager earned a lot in his day Now, He earns over $560,000 a year for
his punditry.

7.Sol Campbell_55 Million Dollar’s

FB: Sol Campbell

The former Invincible earned a lot during his playing days Now as a coach, he also earns money from public speaking.

6.Andy Carroll_60 Million Dollar’s

FB: Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll plays for Newcastle United! when he’s fit He also earned money from modeling and endorsements.

5.Steven Gerrard 60_Million Dollar’s

FB: Steven Gerrard

The Former Liverpool player (Legend), and  Current Ranger’s Manager, Earns A lot of Money during his days in Liverpool. He also owns various properties and luxury cars.

4.Michael Owen_68 Million Dollar’s

FB: Michael Owen

Playing for some of the world’s top clubs brought him big money. He also starred in ads for Huawei, Asda, Domino’s & others.

3.Rio Ferdinand_75 Million Dollar’s

FB: Rio Ferdinand

Once the world’s most expensive defender, Rio earned A LOT. A sports betting company also gave him a lot to endorse it.

2.Wayne Rooney_160 Million Dollar’s

FB: Wayne Rooney

Rooney earned A lot of Money from 13 years at Manchester United He also has endorsements with Nike & Samsung.

1.David Beckham_450 Million Dollar’s

FB: David Beckham

Beckham was a great player but also a global icon! His money came from endorsements for huge brands like Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Adidas and Gillette.

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